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Chris Larsen Art pastel painting

Chris Larsen Art Pastel Painting

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my site. This is actually me, Chris Larsen typing, not someone that has been hired to build my website and image. You won't hear any third person here either, just me speaking to you. Art has always been something I enjoy in my life, from works with lighting and water, to painting, to sculpture, to photography, to cartoons, I find works of art and styles I can enjoy. 

I would say my interest in art started as a child with Disney cartoons. I was always obsessed with Disney characters and loved to draw them. Today I am still a huge Disney fan. From there my interest progressed into more formal works of art. I first saw Georgia O'Keeffe's Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue in grade school during one of the school's art days where an artist would come to the class and show us works by the great painters. I can remember seeing the picture propped up in the corner of the classroom and thinking that is the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life. That picture substantially motivated me to draw and explore other artists and forms of art. I'm not sure how I arrived at taking formal art classes, I probably pestered my parents to death, but eventually I ended up taking lessons for a while at a local art gallery under the direction of Paula Kuehl. (www.pastelsbypaula.com check her out) Paula gave me a very sound foundation to build my talent as an artist. After my lessons from Paula in charcoal on light, dark, grayscale and all that other jazz we artist start with, I did my first pastel drawing. This work was actually a study of O'Keeffe's cow skull I previously mention. That painting right now is hanging in my parent's family room and is one of my proudest accomplishments. Next in the line of my art life was high school. High school was not very productive for my art. I took several art classes that were filled with students who looked like vampires and probably turned into bats and flew home at the end of the day. These classes were filed with images of very dark art, strange collages, and images that would basically make any sane person question their own sanity. At that point I pretty much decided, since the art instructor was eating this weird art up, that art was not for me and I would never be able to enjoy art if this is what it was about. High school progressed into higher education where I took as many art classes as I could. I ate up art history and took a photography class with the strangest man I have ever met in my life but he was a great, informative and motivational teacher. To this day I can not remember his name. Maybe he'll read this page and email me one day. So to the photography teacher from Barat College, are you out there? Any who, not much happened for about ten years with my art, I always did some sketching and doodling but never did any work that was "grand." My art came back to life in my adult life when I learned a good friend of mine was getting remarried to his ex-wife. I knew he was very happy about this and wanted to get him something to celebrate. Only problem was he is extremely wealthy and pretty much has everything he can want or need. So what do you get a person like that? I decided that I should resurrect my art and give him and his wife something that took a little effort. I discreetly found out what his wife's favorite flower was and went to work. They both loved the gift and Chris Larsen art was reborn. Today I would say my work is most influenced still by Georgia O'Keefe, and by more modern artists like Michael Gerry and Fabio Napolioni.

If you're still reading this you must either like my art or really like the story of my life. I'll share a little about me personally now. I don't really consider myself to fall into the stereotype of what people think an artist should be. I have a degree from DePaul University in finance and attended the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois and Barat College in Lake Forest before transferring to DePaul and earning my degree. I've had jobs flipping burgers, washing cars, fixing cars, selling cars, a stock and futures trader, personal trainer, and in law enforcment. Life has been pretty interesting so far. In my free time I enjoy what I call the "manly arts." If it has engines, lots of horsepower, and makes lots of noise I like it. Fast cars and fast boats are my passions. My picture on this page is actually of me on my boat out on Lake Michigan. Going fast on the water is one of my greatest loves. There's nothing like the sound of a big block burping in the blue water of the Florida Keys.

​If you came to my art looking for a sad, dramatic story coming out through my paintings and photographs you won't find it. We all have bad things that happen, and I've had my fair share too, but I will not reflect any negativity through my art. My goal is to create art that is happy, fun, brightens a room, and makes people smile while they say wow!